28 January 2012

Rule number 1, Cardio

I've decided to step up my game! Which really means just to knuckle down and take care of myself.

Two days in, I've run! Yesterday was 2.75 miles on the elliptical, and then today with Sue, a mile at the Davidson Mesa Trail. Everything is pretty sore from my workout yesterday. My calves and my shoulders especially. But nothing compared to Crossfit days. Those sucked. (PS. Don't ever do Bulgarian squats. They were designed for torture. 3 days later, I could still barely move)

I don't necessarily have a goal weight loss. I just want to be able to lift people into my ambulance better, and my goal is to run a 5k this year. and it's nice to have the motivation of not wanting to wump out, and not wasting someone else's time. So. I dig that.

Also, when the Zombie apocalypse happens (Mayan Calender anyone? It's happening), I would like to survive, thanks to my newly acquired ability to frolic like a Gazelle. 

So far, my favorite part of running is getting to come home and take a nap. Which, of course, I live for!

22 January 2012

Strong enough

Strong enough

I know I'm not strong enough to be
everything that I'm supposed to be
I give up
I'm not strong enough

I'm not strong enough. I never will be. I act tough. I talk a big game. I am independent. I am stubborn. I am weak.
I am broken
Down to nothing
But I'm still holding on to the one thing
You are God
And you are strong enough.

The Savior promises to be there, He is strong enough. and after I do all that I can do, He'll make up the rest.
I don't have to be strong enough.

21 January 2012


He could calm a storm and heal the blind 
And I bet he'd understand a heart like mine

How grateful I am for a Savior who truly does understand a heart like mine. Who knows me way better than I know me. I experienced one of the neatest experiences with work this last week.

Dispatch: Medic 6 for a medical. RP reports that her baby is dying. 

Us: Medic 6 copy, en route. 

Dispatch: Medic 6, for update. CPR is in progress. 

(About here, we get nervous. Nobody likes to deal with kids. Especially dying kids)

Medic 6: Copy update. 

Dispatch 4 minutes or so later: Medic 6 for additional. PD is on scene. Baby is crying. 

Giant sigh of relief is felt through the city. 

Medic 6: Communications, Medic 6 is on scene. 

Lance heads in with one kit, while I grab the rest of the equipment to deal with a possible dead baby. As I walk into the room, I hear a screaming child. (yay!) note 4 younger children and dad crowding around my partner, 3 firemen and a police officer. Lance looks at me, points at me, than at Dad and says simply and succinctly, "Spanish, go!"

I took that to mean that we had no information as to what had happened. My mind was completely empty. Then all of a sudden he and I were carrying on a conversation. One that I was able to follow! I knew what he was saying to me, with no idea what it was that I was saying to him. I've heard of those kinds of blessings occurring to missionaries, and I was floored. I had just received a moment of being blessed with the ability to understand a different tongue!! 

In case you're wondering, baby wasn't dead. We think he choked a little. But he was okay. Very cute baby. 

What a blessing!

16 January 2012

2012, what?!

Thanks Danny for this idea!
These are not goals for 2012, this is what is going to happen. But written past tense, because it's happened in my mind already, now it's time to translate it to outside my head. 2012 is going to be good!

Here's what went down in 2012 for me:

  • I figured out, once and for all, who I am and where I belong
  • I went on a date with a guy who didn't leave me in Denver, in the middle of a blizzard, and you know what? I had a good time!
  • I felt prepared before I gave a lesson, and left it feeling confident. 
  • I made more friends than I lost touch with
  • I mattered to someone
  • I made a difference to someone
  • I can actually remember serving someone
  • My testimony grew
  • We caught a baby at work, and didn't drop it!
  • I grew a pair, and finally told him how I feel. 
  • I wrote a story and finished it! 
  • I decided what I want for my future
  • I laughed a lot, and smiled even more. 
  • I worked hard
  • I ran a 5k! 
  • I didn't break a single bone.
  • I didn't hurt anyone maliciously
  • I sang to more than just my handle bars. 
  • I trusted more and loved more
  • I magnified my callings and was someone that could be relied on. 
  • I stood as an example of the believers. 
  • I became the master of my thoughts, and through that, became ever more positive and optimistic. 
  • I became the most optimistic and friendly person I could be. 
  • I loved 2012

14 January 2012

Dibe: 3 parts shenanigans, 1 part tazer-crazed

Random tidbits from the short one:

Me (what the text was supposed to say): Sorry for being a crab yesterday. 
Me (what the text actually said): Sorry for being a Arab yesterday

(This will result in you receiving a Qur'an for your birthday. Just so we're clear! haha.
Local FD: We're onscene, and we'll take Big Daddy Command.
Dispatch: Alright, I have you as (snicker, snicker) Big Daddy [awkward pause] command.
Lance and Dibe: /bust a gut laughing


How can you not love stickers on produce that encourage shenanigans and fun?! I dig that, even if I don't like to eat bananas

Tess and I, in November, went to a Murder Mystery dinner - We convinced our table that we were Taxidermists. Well, they couldn't tell which was true, EMTs (too glamorous) or taxidermists (too weird)
Clearly, we can't be trusted.

Birthday present to me, a creepy hand print in my picture!!! Thanks sister!

I almost had to ride my bike to work in this. I am a lucky lady - my partner came to the rescue! Thanks Lance!

Go listen to the song, Watch the Lamb!

02 January 2012

The Good, the Bad, the Inbetween

These are not resolutions. These are plans for the future. Extending through 2012.

1. I will be less selfish

2. I will be a friend.

3. I will be grateful every day. 

4. I will serve others and accept service and help from others

5. I will build others up. 

6. I will stand as an example of the believers. 

7. I will find ways to remind others how much Heavenly Father loves them

8. I will love more freely

9. I will not tear myself down anymore. I will not hate me anymore. 

10. I will live as I believe. 

23 years of life!

Best. Birthday. Ever!

So, here's how it went down. 
Lance and I were on shift, doing our thing. I had told Lance that I wanted nothing exciting. My mom was bringing me a cake. That was enough for me! He didn't listen. 

I had a really hard time sleeping the night before, so finally, I woke up about 430 on the 31st and packed up my room (we were moving stations) and then took my book, my blanket, my water bottle and off to the day room. 
"BOO!!" Lance hollered, effectively stopping my heart. 
We did a lot of packing and planning and helping set up the new ambulances. Then around 1:30, Kristen showed up - Lance's girl friend and my friend. Then we got a transfer.. Blast. 

Lance was a lot more antsy about it, than I was. Usually I'm the impatient one. So we accomplished our transfer and we went back to the station. 
Lance was all but pushing me through the door. 
And there I was greeted by the faces of most of my favorite people. Mom, Becca, Dane and Caitlin, Mike, Allison (later joined by Tessa and Mollie the dog) Lance is sneaky. I didn't suspect anything
I thought he was up to something, but he's always up to something. I didn't suspect a birthday party!

We had pizza. Strawberry cake, lots of love. It was brilliant. 

Then on the 1st, I had ANOTHER surprise party! 2 surprise parties for one birthday!! Wow! I am a lucky lady!
In attendance were: Allision (the wonderful host!) Becca (the brilliant schemer) Nikki (In spirit, she was part of the original planning. Also the cake extraordinaire), Lee, Caleb, Mike, Kevin, Jon,  Joel (he was working, but Jon was his representative), and myself. 

It was wonderful. I have never felt so much love. Even though I had to work, it was easily the best birthday ever. I am a luck 23 year old. (Good think I'm the height of a 10 year old. That knocks a few years off, right?)