28 May 2012

I ran in Color!

What a weekend. What a month. As always, life has been a little crazy. (Read as, a lot crazy). True to normalcy for me, there's been drama and fun and shenanigans. I've lost friends and I've made friends. And I procured a place to live. Yay!

On Saturday, Kristen and I decided to run a 5k. Technically we decided a while ago, but the run was on Saturday. And holy wow. This was the Color Run. Proceeds go to The Children's Hospital in Denver. Volunteers throw colored cornstarch at you and you run. It's stinking awesome. Well, my training consisted of, eating junk food. Running when I wasn't too lazy (which really means I ran a total of twice. Yikes) and ignoring the training plan I had taped to my mirror. Then it hit. Tomorrow's the race! Blast... I hadn't trained, even a little bit. Still, I packed my bags to go crash at Kristen's and I was ready to go. Morning came. I was sure I'd end the race on a stretcher. Still, I was willing. Once at the start line, I knew it was time. I had my goals, •Run at least one full mile • Finish in less then an hour • Don't need the paramedics. I am happy to report that I ran, not only a full mile but I ran (read as quickly shuffled) 3.5 miles without stopping. My finish time was 42:06. And the only paramedic involved was Lance, who came to support us. Success! And a week later, still Q-tipping blue out of my ears. Attractive. Life otherwise has been interesting. I am grateful today.

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