25 August 2013

Welp, another week has come and gone. Here are some pictures of our adventures. Excuse the ones where I look intoxicated or just plain dumb. I blame those on sleep deprivation.
The family I told you about, Michael and Jennifer? They were baptized on Saturday 17 August. YEAH! That was a really cool experience, we had 6 people baptized on Saturday for our ward alone. (4 of those were the Elders in our ward who are basically Alma and Amulek.) They asked me to speak on Baptism. I didn't throw up on anyone, so I call it a success! Their daughter Tess was in the way back jumping up and down and waving frantically "HI SISTER HALL!!!" Until I said Hi. Our District leaders were there as well as several other sets of missionaries. Over 100 people came to support all the new members! There were 2 others baptized on Saturday from 2 other wards in our zone. It was a successful week!
Unfortunately now that puts us without investigators. Which means we need to hit the pavement and find more! Not my favorite part, but I'll dig it for now! We have a lot of people who know the Gospel is true, they know of the peace that is found in the Savior's love. It's just a matter of getting in the door and letting them realize it for themselves! And everyone we seem to find, the other missionaries typically get, because they live in their area. Bah!
Not much has happened this week aside from that! We teach a lot. There is enough work in our two wards for 4 or 5 sets of missionaries. So we are loving that. We had this one solid girl who is 22. She LOVED everything we taught her and wanted to be baptized the next day!!! And we haven't heard from her since. There are pit bulls in her yard that won't let us up to the door to knock. I can tell you one thing, they probably don't have many solicitors!
We witnessed a high speed chase! In Hemet! (Where the top speed in 35 mph... Cool...) They must have had their entire police force following him, there were 13 going hot, and another 6 following behind non emergent. It was entertaining to watch.
Hmmm. I think that's it. This week hasn't been too exciting! I'm loving the work and ready for more!
Oh, I had an allergic reaction to walnuts again. I now am a proud owner of an epi-pen (will be when it gets here in the mail) I'm under strict order by the doctor to take 50mg of benadryl a day. I sleep a lot.
Anyway, I love you all!
Still no letters. I think our mission office lost them. That's the reason, right?

I read all your emails. I love them all! Thank you for remembering me!! 

(Brother Edit: Sorry for the delay folks, lost Dibe's info. Here's last weeks email! Her Prep days are Mondays, so, there should be a new update tomorrow or Tuesday)

05 August 2013

Another Update!

Another Dibe Update! Yay!

Holy cow, I'm in California!!!

This world is crazy!!! There is so much to say, but they put me on an iPad to email. So, sorry this email is lame.

The Mtc was a crazy experience, but I'm glad to be in the field. Here are some things that have happened.
* we had an investigator in the Mtc (they aren't usually real investigators, just fakers) who, I kid you not, fell asleep during our lesson. He was so funny. He'd answer our questions but got back to snoozing. So funny. He committed to baptism. We are rockstars. 

* There were men picketing at the Provo temple when we'd wander about who were preaching all the same things that we preach. He smelled like pot! I really wanted to ask if i could just stand by him so I could feel closer to home. My companion said no though... So I didn't. 

* The food at the Mtc is pretty... You know... Good... I am extremely grateful for my iron stomach! 

* funny story, I walked into one of my first classes and the instructor was pretty exuberant and I almost walked into him. "Hi Sister Hall!!" He said. 
"Do you know me?" I asked suspiciously
*he points to my name tag*
.... "Oh right...." We've been declared BFF since then.

(There is so much I want to say. Emailing on an iPad is dumb)

There are like 3000 different types of palm trees. Some are dibe-sized and others look homeless with lots of dead looking hair... Some look like paradise. It's great.

The lady we live with warned us that they have scorpions and tarantulas and snakes.... I told my district leaders that if I see one, I can't promise not to burn down the house... I haven't seen one yet.... Our home share doesn't like to kill them. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I would have to be the biggest man to step on a tarantula... Seriously. Put a saddle on one of those and we wouldn't need a car!

My companion is sister pack. She is from Idaho falls and she's great. We are opening up this area (Hemet) to sisters. We have a family ward and a YSA ward and it is exhausting on Sundays. Seriously. Church/meetings from 0700-1630 then all the missionary stuff we have to do. It is crazy! But the work is great. I challenged someone to baptism in my second ever lesson. Which according tithe training process, doesn't happen for a long time. So that was cool. They said no, but we continue to see them. They're so close!

Becca: are you related to a Ryan Eggett? He conducted the Mtc choir. I will send you a snail mail letter in response to yours. We only have a little bit of time to email. So stand by!
Eno: I got both packages! Seriously, made my day! Those socks and mints saved my life. Also, I have been emailing the wrong chelsey bramwell... Haha. Maybe she will be baptized now!
Mom: sorry I couldn't call. It was $20 a minute At the airport. Forget that... So sister smart offered to call to let you know I didn't die. I didn't die
Mike: do you know a brother Lyons? He's from centennial and said he knows a Wes gore.

Alex: do not play with tornados! Miss you! Write me a real letter. Kay?
Tess: I won't judge. I ran about 30 feet. AT SEA LEVEL, and threw up. I'm cool....
Mom: I got your letter and I love the stamps. Don't worry about getting me more. I don't go out to eat with the other missionaries so I get to buy my own stamps.

I think that's it. Love you all. Miss you all. 

Alex, don't forget to toss this on the blog. I'll write a real email next week when I have a keyboard and a mouse...
The littlest missionary with a white girl for

Ps. No pictures yet. I haven't figured that out yet.