27 August 2011

Family History

So, I'm typically not one to remember dreams. Like. Ever. But recently, I've been dreaming about my family. Mostly, my Grandma. (Grams) I first dreamt about her at the beginning of August. I don't remember the setting of the dream, just that at first I was alone, or maybe I was doing something. But soon Grams showed up. She hugged me, she said hi. And then she got angry. 
"Why are you willing to go to the Temple and do baptisms for other people, but not your own family?" She accused.
"I haven't gotten any names done yet, Grams." I tried to explain. 
Suddenly, more people started showing up. 
Hey, that's my nose. I thought, looking at one man. We have the same eyes. I noted, looking at a younger woman. Soon, the dream became volatile. My family was PISSED. Angry words were hurled at me. Guilt and shame washed over me. And I woke up. 

That week, as I sat down to look at my lesson for Relief Society, and cringed. "Temple work and Family History." Haha. Very funny Grams... I thought. 
Still, the guilt and shame had lasted through the dream, into reality. So, I decided I should probably do some family history. 

I am not a detective, by any means. I'm not very good at solving mysteries. But I am loving doing family history. There's one ancestor, her name is Eva. I don't know why, but I feel... close to her? I don't know how to describe it. But whatever it is, it's pushing me to find out who she is. More about her life. Her family. Her parents. All I've learned so far is that she is my Great - great Grandmother, she was born in Croatia. Cool. 

I sure like my family. I sure wish I were better at finding them!

19 August 2011

Mrs. Kennedy

Thank goodness for the Atonement. Thank goodness for the Plan of Happiness that allows families to live together forever.
Our neighbor, Mrs. Kennedy died Wednesday night. And while my heart is sad for her, I know that she's okay.

Mr. Kennedy told us that he was just holding on to take care of his sweet heart. Now that she's gone, he has no reason to hold on, he says. That is sweet and breaks my heart.

Days like today, make me so grateful for my Savior.

16 August 2011


I haven't really updated as to what's been going on in life. I don't actually have computer access anymore, unless I'm at work. That being said, I'm not sure anyone even reads this, so I could be typing to hear my own... voice? typing? haha. I understand.

Here are some things that are new(er) in my life.

I was called to be a Relief Society Instructor... Poor girls...
I am officially a Wild land fire fighter. That's right, this small and simple girl, can go on dispatch!
I now work a second job, at Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center. I am in the PACU as a tech.
I am still preparing to go on a mission
I am counting my blessings
The TB saga continues
I really do not enjoy having cold hands.

I was called to be a Relief Society Instructor... Poor girls...
Imagine my surprise, when the 2nd councelor of the Bishopric calls me and says he needs to meet with me, and it's urgent.
Further, imagine my surprise when he tells me that he can meet me at my house. It's that important.
Well, I'm either going to get a call to repentence or I'm going to receive a calling. I wasn't sure which to hope for. As of that point, I held only the calling of FHE committee member and love it. FHE is like home to me, having served on a committee or as a chairmen since I first began attending YSA wards. I did not want to be released. But. I didn't want to be called to repentence urgently enough that I have to be sought out by the Priesthood holders in my Bishopric, that would be embarassing.
Brother Fischer came a-knockin' and dropped the bomb. "You are being called to be an instructor in the Relief Society" He tells me.
I laugh. Hahaha, no, but really, why are you here?
He repeats himself.
No no no, that can't be right. Have you met me? I don't like to speak formally infront of people. The idea of being responsible to declare Gospel truths to people is a lot. That is a lot of responsibility. What if I say the wrong thing? What if I teach something that isn't Gospel? No no no, wrong, wrong wrong.
to my surprise, I hear a muttered "I accept" leave me lips. WHAT?! I most certainly can't accept! no way!
And my first lesson, I'm told, is Eternal Marriage? Seriously? It couldn't be something a little more relavent to my life? I am not sealed to anyone, my folks weren't sealed. How could I relate this to a group of single women?! Still, I decided to accept. The lesson was... rough. To say the least. I am not a teacher, but I didn't realize how grateful I would be to get a chance to teach. To stretch those muscles, to strengthen that weakness. Because I do want to be a missionary, and to be a missionary means to be a teacher. And I am actually enjoying preparing lessons. It's just the delivery of lessons that I don't yet enjoy.

I am officially a Wild land fire fighter. That's right, this small and simple girl, can go on dispatch!
There isn't really more to this than the headline. I have my red card, but I don't have any of my equipment. I have a hard time justifying spending $400 or more on equipment, when I'm putting my paperwork in, in 11 months. Still, it's pretty cool to be able to say that I am a fire fighter.

I now work a second job, at Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center. I am in the PACU as a tech.

The hours are ideal Monday - Friday, 0800-1800/1830. They only need me when our patient load is 20+ and I'm PRN. I am enjoying it much more than I expected to. It's easy work, but I'm working on being able to anticipate needs, to be efficient and knowledgable and dependable and likable. It's been fun. I like people. I like talking with people. I like cheering people up. It's lovely.

I am still preparing to go on a mission
holy cow, missions are expensive. I'll have bake sales and car washes and offer to mow lawns, rake leaves, babysit. Whatever I need to do. There's a lot to pay for! And I can't wait! I have been greatly blessed in my preparations. Money has started coming in from least expected places, I got my deposit back from the house. Money from where The Church has graciously paid my knee injury bills in full. (All I've paid has been coming back to me. Which means I can put it toward the mission. there have been some snafu's, but everything will work out. I'm excited to see how.

I am counting my blessings

I have been blessed. With so much more than I deserve

The TB saga continues
I get my next test in October, in the meantime, there's been drama with the fit tests. I had to see the workmans comp doc to make sure I had one that fit. They lost my paperwork. Ridiculous. Shenanigans. It's over. I'm happy. It fits. The end.

I really do not enjoy having cold hands.

Seriously. Cold hands = terrible