20 July 2013

Hey folks of Dibe's that read her blog, while she's on her mission, she's asked me to update her blog with her updates. - The Brother Unit


Hey everyone! I've decided to write one leter to update everyone. I only get an hour to email. And since nobody has emailed me, nobody needs individual responses. It's okay that nobody has emailed me. I mean, you still love me an all, right? Right?
That said, if you want an original, individual response, hit me up.
Okay. So let me tell you what the MTC is like. ;jkhiluguygihu. <~~~ Just like that. This place is CRAZY! And I'm loving it.
We study. A lot. (8 hours total yesterday) We sleep. a little (8 hours total last night) We also pray a lot. Like 526,872 times a day. Which is good. I have to repent about that many times a day too.
Getting here was a pain in the neck. I was a threat to national security with my bum knees. Apparently joking that I was smuggling a big bag of tampons in my checked luggage wasn't amusing. I got pulled to the back room. Greeaaaat. If you see me on CNN in Guantanamo...  Please bail me out. Or bake me a cake with a nail file inside. It worked out eventually. They finally believed me that my knee screws were not secretly made up of heroin.
I temple hopped in UT on Tuesday, That was brilliant! We hit Jordan River, Mt Timp and Draper. They are all GIGANTIC!!! That's nuts. We had dinner with Eno and Jonathan that night. That was epic. Jonathan - you didn't kill us! I feel fine!
Becca and I went to the Reintjes' from breakfast. I love them! They are the cutest. And Will kissed me! yeah... I got kissed as a set apart missionary. It's okay. He's 14 months old. I didn't hold him. So I didn't break too many misison rules.
So Wednesday. I got dropped off at 12:30 with miss Shannon Green and right away we were whisked to go get name tagged and drop our stuff off. My key didn't work in the door so we had to carry everything back to get a new key. That one worked. If you are ever having a bad day, wear a name tag around the MTC with a red sticker on it. EVERYONE stops to say hello and welcome you to the MTC. If you don't like people talking to you, don't come to UT. Seriously. People here are friendly.
Hmmm. What else. I may have broken my finger today. Yeah, yeah. shush. It's fine. It's "buddy splinted" to the other finger and only hurts if I think about it. Or move it. I was trying to make my bed and it just started hurting, and swelling. I really wanted to have a well made bed, I guess. Maybe I need more calcium in my diet. I don't know. Also, Dr. Nielson gave me an inhaler for free. That was great of him.
My district (my group of missionaries) is fun. I'm the oldest and one of the quietest. Weird. Remember when I said 18 yo boys stress me out? That hasn't changed. But they're good kids. Funny. I attached a picture. It should be the one of the girls in my district. My companion is Sister Anderson. We're rocking the Riverside mission. She's got the short hair cut. She's the 6th of 10 kids! 
Sister Larson has dark hair, she was in Jerusalem last semester at the BYU there. I'm jealous.
Sister Bradshaw (I just asked. I'm a jerk...) managed to fit a steamer in her luggage. She's got game. I did not manage that. At all.
The other sister (Hodges....? That's not rights...)  reminds me of Merida from Brave. She's got a CPAP. We bonded. It was grand.
The fellas are 18. yeeeah. They're good kids though. Excited. They made comments yesterday like: "We could be home right now, playing video games or whatever. Instead we're here. Learning the Scriptures. And you know what? This is pretty awesome." Amen Elder. Let me see if I cna remember any of them.
Elder Weinert. He is our new District leader. He's from Philly. (Jonathan, he knows your brother. But is from a different area in Philly. He says hi!)
Elder Roberts. He is Southern. Very Southern. And loves math. I think it was Math. Anyway, nice enough guy.
Elder Childs is from.... UT? I think... He's got a lot of energy and excitement. He's going to Riverside too. We high five a lot. But someone told us that it wasn't allowed because he's an elder and I'm a sister. We do it anyway. It's okay. I repent everytime.
Elder... Miller. is 18. Funny, most of the time. He says things sometimes that impress everyone. But mostly he goofs. He's going to make a brilliant missionary when he settles down.
Elder... uhm... the one that sits behind me is often nervous, but he's a good kid. Lots of heart and a strong testimony. He's going places.
The one that sits in front of me is nice too. We bounce ideas off each other a lot.
I'm learning a lot. Mostly how to trust God and let Him make the decisions. That's not easy. My companion is really patient with me in that. Mostly we just wing it and hope something sticks. We get to teach our pretend investigator on Saturday. We decided that she needs to hear about the Plan of Salvation, so we're studying that together. And today we get to nap!!! I miss naps.
My teachers are cool. Mostly because Brother Heath reminds me of Brad, the medic from Longmont. I'm not sure why yet, but it makes me laugh. He's a great teacher and gives great feedback. Sister Smith is really encouraging and likes to make things fun and exciting. Which isn't easy when you're on hour 906 in the classroom for the day. That's tiring. But she does it.
I don't know. What do you guys want to know? I'm doing well. I'm loving this. I'm jumping in both feet. Participating and being a part of the group.
I think that's it. I love you guys! My P-days whilst at the MTC is Friday. So, you'll have to wait until then to hear from me. Can someone pass this along to Uncle Johnny. I forgot to give him my contact info before I left. I'm a jerk.
If you want to email me. Dearelder.com. Mom got one letter there. Just follow the directions.
My snail mail... mom has. I don't have that on me. If you want to write me snail mail while I'm here, she can get that for you. Email her at Trainlady@aol.com
I think my snail mail here is
Sister DiAnne Louise Hall
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT zip code... (no idea what the zip is)
I think you guys are great. I haven't had time to get home sick. Which I hope will remain the case until I come home.
Love you!
The Dibester. The Short One.
Sister Hall
I'll try to be better and take more pictures!

14 July 2013

Lord, I believe

Things I wish I had known three months ago.

· Stop. Look around. Enjoy the ride.

• It's okay to be a prospective missionary, terrified and unsure

• It's okay to be disappointed and confused

• Satan is a jerk.

• Don't expect things to get better. They don't get easier. Satan does NOT want me to be a missionary. He will try to break me. He will not play fair or play nice.

• It's normal to wish Satan had a body so you can punch him in the throat. But hey. You have a throat. He doesn't.

• Budget your time in the beginning and you'll be fine.

• You may think Goodbyes will be easy. They won't be. Buy tissue. Cry. It's fine.

• Go to the Temple. A lot. You will find so much extra peace. Seriously. Go.

• Go again to the Temple.

• There is no such thing as praying too much. Accept that challenge. Pray a lot.

• You will feel like a huge failure. Missionaries sin too. Get back up and keep going.

• Satan knows your weaknesses. He will use them mercilessly against you.

• Don't give up. Don't quit trying. You keep walking. You keep moving ... there are blessings and help ahead.  (Pssst. At the Temple!)

• lead with your faith. Trusting is hard. But it pays off. Trust Him. He's loves you.

• Spend time with family.

• Love the ride. It's a tough one, but it can be okay!

I am down to 3 days before I enter the MTC, 2 days before I fly out to Utah and one day before I get set apart. I am both terrified and so excited!
Terrified because I've never been a natural teacher. Excited because I get to learn.
Terrified because I have no idea what I'm doing.
Excited to serve the Lord.
Terrified to screw up.
Excited to get to succeed.
Terrified of things being harder than my ability to keep up.
Excited to get stronger.
Terrified of being the companion that everyone is afraid of.
Excited to have that companion that everyone loves.
Terrified to leave behind everything I know.
Excited to meet new challenges.
Terrified of not being good enough
Excited to get stronger.

I am ready to love the people of California.

I have been abundantly blessed - the Lord has placed people in my path who have eased my fears and concerns.

I am ready. Scared or not.

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