27 January 2013

Bleeding mountains

What a day. What a day.

I woke up this morning to a very bizarre dream. Very bizarre indeed.

In my dream, I was at an old family friends' house for dinner. The date was going well, I was happy. Then everything went wrong. The Rocky Mountains started bleeding. Yes. Bleeding. It was crazy. And explosions were going off everywhere. Earth quakes. It was chaos. Utter chaos. My friends' family showed up to take him to go somewhere safe.
They left me behind with keys to one of the cars so off I went. I was really annoyed that I had nothing to take with me. No food, no water. No cloths. Nothing set aside. So, I went to the store where there was a mad dash for all the water and all the goods.

The dream is sort of blurry from then on out. And when I woke up, I tried to go back to sleep to rejoin the crazy adventure.

But really. Bleeding mountains? I wonder what my subconscious was trying to tell me. Probably that i shouldn't have had all that Mexican food for dinner...

22 January 2013

The Update!

I'd like to say that I have a legitamate good reason why I've been AWOL from here. I don't. I've been working. A lot.

Here are some things that have been going on lately in my life.

  • I'm going to Iraq. Have I announced that yet? Yeah. I'm going to work on the base out there as an EMT.
  • I have applied to Midwife school. I am incredibly excited to say that I've been accepted into the program. I can get a bachelors in midwifery! Great!!
  • They found the body of my Aunt. Before you offer condolences. I didn't know her. No really, I never met her before in my life. But I'm sad for my other Aunt who I HAVE met and sure love a lot. I'm sad for her daughter, my cousin. I'm sad for her Mom, Granny Kay. (the family tree is complicated.
  • I am studying the Bible this year, and I'm loving it much more than I did last time around (I read the bible in high school, cover to cover.) .
  • My boss (who I used to be convinced hated my guts) did me a solid and let me swap my Sundays for Saturdays. I get to go to church again!
  • My partner is great! I am finding out how blessed I've been with incredible partners. Apparently, that is not common. I am such a lucky gal.
  • One of my co-workers out of the blue the other day said that when they started in the new division, they were intimidated by me because they heard I was a solid EMT. I was touched. It's nice to know my reputation isn't sketchy.
  • I'm learning a lot about myself. What I believe in. What I don't believe in. What I deserve. That kind of thing.
  • Tessa and Seth got me a Harry Potter cookbook. I haven't been as excited for a book as I am for that! Dinner party anyone?!
I'm happy. Even when I'm incredibly grouchy (like I was today.) I am, underneath all that, happy.

I overheard this conversation at work today.

Coworker 1: How did you know that she (referring to me) was upset?
Coworker 2: I've known her for a long time.
CW1: But she was... pooping butterflies and rainbows....
CW2: (laughing) It's easy.The first thing she does, after pooping butterflies and rainbows, is ask how you are. If she doesn't ask, something is wrong.

I didn't know that I poop butterflies and rainbows. If I poop rainbows, does that mean I poop skittles?