21 October 2013

Transfer Week

Hi folks!

I don't have much time, transfer week and all.

I am being transferred to Moreno Valley with Sister Gowans. Sister Pack made STL (Sister Training Leader) which is essentially, Sister AP.

Well. Life is good. I'm happy. I don't want to leave to Moreno Valley. I was told I'm going to the Ghetto and not to get stabbed. So... Pray for my safety. okay? Thanks.

Best story of my mission. ENO VISITED ME!!! <3 and="" best="" cried="" gave="" happy="" i="" it="" nbsp="" p="" permission="" president="" sat="" smart="" so="" the="" there="" was="" way="" we="" were="">
Life is good!

I was going to send an entire email with nothing but shenanigans. But expect a shenanigan letter later! :)

Send me letters, okay? it sounds like I may need them!

Loving you folks!

The Short One

18 October 2013

So. This week... It was a week!

So. This week... It was a week!
Here's the basic rundown of our week.

Monday: Pday. I really don't care for Pday much. Other than e-mail. I like to email. Otherwise, it's a waste of time and there has been way too much flirting in our zone and that just makes me mad. We are missionaries, people. We are not here to get married. Just saying...
We went and played softball, which means they played because I wasn't good enough to play. My comp ended up hurting her shoulder. So she's been in a sling all week.
Tuesday: Multi-zone training. Teaching us how to deal with stress. It's the same thing we've heard over and over. So I drew pictures of the people around me. All were entertained.
Tuesday, we also went on surprise exchanges. I LOVE surprise exchanges (Note: I do not love surprise exchanges. Tuesday was the day I was most excited for in our week.) 
President was told about the zones inability to Lock their Hearts (great talk, go read it!) and wanted Sis Pack and I to try to clean up the mess. To no avail.
Actually, exchanges ended up not being too bad. We picked up some people in the other girls' area for them and we met a bunch of fun people. There was a little girl who told me I was getting married to Kevin. This same little girl a few weeks ago said that Kevin was Satan. So... I'm marrying Satan. That's good, right?... yikes.

Wednesday: DDM - District Development meeting. That was alright. SUPER Rainy. I got to wear my rain boots! Everyone was jealous.
I love my boots. I've been wanting to wear my rain boots my whole mission!!
We had an awkward dinner where our YSA invited us over. His Grandma, who he lives with, invited her missionaries. Well, we're not supposed to eat dinner with other missionaries. So... That was grand. Awkward. It was funny though.
On a side note: People keep getting injured and they don't want to call the nurse (please refer to previous emails to know why...) So instead they keep calling me to know what to do. This week we had: 
1 radial head fx
2 rotator cuff injuries
1 possible ACL / meniscus
1 possible patella fx.
Wednesday I received a letter saying 2 friends died this week. So that sucked.
I was really upset about the letter on Wednesday when our miracle story of Renay called us. She called us and told us to stop by. We stopped by and she told us that she's not going through with the Confirmation. 
We texted our district leader who didn't care and didn't help. We texted the Elders' in our ward and they gave some good advice and offered to go and give her a blessing.
Our District leader doesn't care. That's real nice. well. He would care if we were the other sisters.
Our dinner forgot us that night. But it was our favorite family so we decided it was okay. Despite that terrible day we'd had. Too bad I couldn't wear my rain boots. 

Friday... We... Did mission stuff? Knocked on doors. tried to convert nations. Then that didn't work. So we prayed a lot. Repented some. Met people, talked to people. Nothing terribly crazy happened.


We had the best dinner ever! She was HILARIOUS! I love her! She washed our grapes with Bleach. mmmm sanitary...
So funny!! I love my life as a missionary. She played dress up. And played fetch with her cat. A cat that plays fetch. Does that make it a fetching cat? HAHAHA. ha ha ha. funny.
Also, my bike brakes shattered. And I nearly got ran over by a truck. But it didn't happen. So Almost Calamities don't count... 

Church. Church. And more church. And when we weren't in church. We were doing church things. And Mission things.

We go see our senior couple a lot. Because they keep me from going nuts.

Hmmm. I don't know what else to say. This week stunk. But I didn't get bit by any dogs this week. Just failed at someone's Salvation... That's going to be hard to explain at the Judgement.
Part of it was her Agency (Sometimes I feel like taking people's agency away... Then Pack reminds me not to be Satan) Part was because we allowed there to be a month between her baptism and confirmation...  So... That blows.
It's okay. I repent a lot. Still.

Last week of this transfer. That's crazy!
Here's to a week of fun and adventure. And nations being converted

10 October 2013

What, what?! Another week is done!

Greetings from sunny Hemet, CA
How goes?!
Life around here is pretty alright. The work is progressing!
In fact last Monday after my email, we got a surprise phone call from a new investigator that said she wanted to be baptized as soon as possible. So we put together a baptism for this last Saturday, after the second session of conference. It was really great. Satan did everything in his limited power to destroy our investigator. But we prayed and fasted and prayed again. And then we prayed some more. And she was baptized. She even asked us to perform a musical number. We did. It was..... a musical number. :-P Not great. We had a bunch of Elders jump in to help, thank goodness.
We are working hard, repenting often and trying hard to be obedient. We have 4 people on date for baptism on 20 Oct. And 2 of those will probably actually happen! We find out in 2 weeks about transfers and I'm pretty anxious. I am loving Hemet and the wards I'm in. So I really don't want to leave. But, I'm also needing some change. So... We'll see.

My comp tolerates me most days. Some days, not so much. But it is what it is. We teach well together and people keep thinking we've known each other for ever. So that's what really matters, right?
The rest of this week has been pretty eventful. Franken-bike died once again. The back wheel stopped spinning. No wonder I was getting such a workout. Whew! But we're loving the bikes, and missing them when they're out of commission.
Our Bishop's wife has decided to call me "Calamity Jane." Every other day we call for some calamity (I got attacked by a dog. My brakes failed going down hill. I got run off the road by a truck. Etc) But the Bishop's in both wards have been great about rescuing us and helping us when needed.
We're working really hard to finish the transfer strong.
The dog bite update: I'm still taking the anti-biotics. but my face is already healed and it just looks like really bad acne (is that something to be grateful for?... I am) My jaw doesn't hurt anymore, and people seem to have forgotten it, now that I don't have a bandage over half my face! I still have some residual nerves because of it. A poodle jumped up at me and I burst into tears. My comp ushered me out the door and we went to the senior couples' home. I needed a Grandma hug, and she's got the best grandma hugs known to Hemet, CA.

No other real calamities this week. Success!!
Today we're actually being included in the zone activity, they're doing a nerf war and then softball.
Hypothetically speaking, for absolutely no reason at all..... Please send your best missionary-approved pranks. We have 2 weeks left in our zone. So. Act quick!

Alright. Conference.
Did you know that we are super blessed? We have a modern day Moses telling us what we are to do to draw closer to our Savior! President Thomas S. Monson leads the church as a Prophet. Jesus Christ is the head.
Some of my favorite quotes:
"It is time for members and missionaries to come together to work together in the vineyard." We need the help of our members. We can't do this work without you!
This is YOUR work, this is MY work. But most of all, it is HIS work, and we are to do it together. So help your local missionaries!
"Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith."
Powerful and loving advice.
"Look up" and "Don't look back, just keep moving forward."
and "Hope is never lost. He loves you, even when you don't deserve it. His love is always there."
The Lord has given us the path back.
After the tsunami in 2006, I was told of a story. One of the small islands was one of the hardest hit. Utterly destroyed. But There was not one life lost. Why? Because The Elders of the island had been taught from the previous elders to beware of the signs. They had been taught that when the waters recede, to run to higher ground. And those elders taught the people. And the people listened. They listened to the old fashioned advice from old men who aren't in touch with "today." And they were saved.

We have that blessing too. We have a Prophet and Apostles and the Spirit who warn us of dangers. They give us signs that seem impossible. Who would think that the sea would disappear? Who would imagine that a wall of water would be coming to destroy you? Who would believe the words of men who "probably don't know."
We know. We're blessed.

Shout out to the letters/packages this week:
*Sister Broderick!
*BECCA!!! Tell your sister I named the bear Clyde! Best package! I've been showing off the pictures of home. hahaha. I LOVED the wax seal. I almost started crying, I was so excited! Best day ever!
Loving you!
Keep praying. Keep reading.

Obedience is the price,
Faith is the power,
Love is the motive,
The Spirit is the key,
Christ is the reason.