28 October 2010

Hiking and running

The Flat Irons! People were rock climbing that.... silly people

Sentinel Pass, Not so high, not so terrifying

At the top of Royal Arch. Gorgeous view, when not looking down..

25 October 2010

Back to work

Back to work, and a word to the wise, don't pods off your dispatchers!
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24 October 2010

Run like the wind, bulls eye!

Tess and I hit the gym again today. I didn't do as well as I'd have liked, but I did alright, overall. I'm already sore, so that's a good sign.

I discovered that to walk 3 miles in 45 minutes, I have to walk 4 miles and hour. Walk, not run. Because to pass the red card test, you have to walk. I need to drop more weight and strengthen my legs some more, a lot more.
Work is going to be putting on a Red Card class at some point, that would be awesome. I just need to be fit enough to pass the physical portion before that so that I don't make a fool of myself.
The good news is, I got the all clear to start working out again with my personal trainer, so long as I take care doing so. Awesome!
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23 October 2010

Ha Shalom

I'm sitting at National Jewish, waiting for the doctor to come in and see me. So I figured I'd catch the blogging world on the going-ons in my life.

I have added to my long-term goals that I want to run.the Boulder bolder next year, I want to run a marathon at some point, and I want to get my fire 1 and red card. I haven't been able to see my personal trainer because of my recent lung condition but I've been on two hikes and ran the Bobalink trail in Boulder. I just haven't done any weight training. So we'll see. Hopefully soon I can pick that back up. I really like having the structure and the assistance in learning what exercises are best to achieving my goal. It's going to be exceptionally more difficult for me because I am only 4'9", which as of late, makes me the only "little person" working for my company. (we think that I may be the smallest EMT in height in the US.) Maybe one day, people will want to read about the journey of the smallest EMT becoming the smallest firefighter. Who knows.

I managed to run 1.5 miles on Bobalink yesterday. Tess said I ran like the wind. I say I ran like a drunk gazelle. Then it was pointed out to me that gazelles have long legs. I do not. I guess if accuracy is in question, I run more like a tipsy hobbit. That is okay though. I'll get better. I just need to keep doing it.

Well, you all didn't notice the lag between that sentence and this but the doctor just came in. He is ordering a biopsy of my sinus cavities and ordering high dose inhalants (ie Symbicort) as well as high dose Prednisone. Now I'm waiting for the nurse to come in and cut a piece of nose off and out. Sounds like my tonsils and adnoids may also be needing to come out.
Dr... I still don't know his name, equated my lungs to fire (fitting much?) He said when all this happened first, my condition was like a little grass fire. My maintenance meds are like a little garden hose. Now my condition is like the Haymen fire, a garden hose just won't cut it. So he wants to call in a strike team to get me back under control. So I'm to start high dose steroids both inhalant and oral. Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon. They also want to repeat the sleep study to see if I've still got obstructive sleep apnea. But they won't do that till I've finished losing weight and I have another 40lbs planned. So he'll have me do that when I'm done losing weight.
Nurse is here, I better go get cut.
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