03 April 2011

I marvel at the Miracle!!

What a weekend of blessings!
The trip to the Temple on Friday was.. incredible... to say the least. The bus ride there was an adventure!
One bus transfer place no longer exists, so I had to figure out how to find my next bus, and in the process, missed it... twice!
Then I almost was the start of a gang fight. On the bus. In downtown Denver!
Thankfully, it was a pretty painfree trip and I made it there with a few blisters and a few stories to tell! That's for sure!
Then when I got there, it was me and one other gal who were doing the ordinances. They had so many names to do ordinances for!!! It was so great! There was such a peace there that just isn't felt anywhere else. I loved it!
I'm sorry I can't remember the other gal's name, we had a fun time together, and we got to sit and talk for a while. There's something special about meeting people at the Temple.
There's something to be said about serving with others.

Other Tender Mercies:

* Ft. Collins Temple! Really! Right after going to the other Temple! Such a Tender Mercy!!!
*General Conference. So many wonderful things to hear! So many incredible things to learn!
    So good!!
I am blessed!