28 December 2013

Christmas people I know and love!

Christmas people I know and love!

Here are some fun stories from this week:

We had Multi-zones this week. Where 3 zones get together and learn stuff. This time was how to not suck at missionary work. (haha, kidding. It was how to use members in our missionary work, and teaching us how to teach our wards to get involved. Namely, praying for our investigators and finding people for us to teach. )

Leaving Multi-zones was an adventure. We almost got hit by a drunk driver. We were driving and heard the collision of this car against a support beam in an underpass. Smoke was billowing from the engine compartment and right as we were driving to go pass, the driver gunned it in Reverse. Right at us. By the time I had yelled "Oh my gosh, GO!" and Sister Gowans had seen the car coming in her peripheral, we were already shooting forward. We think our guardian angels sat on her foot on the accelerator. Saved us. It was pretty cool. Kinda scary. 

Let's see. We went to the Samoan wards' Christmas party. Holy Cow, Samoan's know how to party! It was amazing! Great decorations. Santa. Amazing food! (Except Chopped Suey. I just couldn't do it. I tried. I ate about half of what they gave me) 

Oh! We stopped by American Tire to get air in our tires (we apparently can't be trusted to do it ourselves) and I was backing my companion out so we could leave and I overheard "Joey, look at her! Go offer her a job!"
"What? WHY?!" 
"She's more useful than you, she knows how to back people!"

So, I was offered a job at a tire place. Haha. Good times. Thank you, AMR. I am a good backer... right?

Anyway, that's about it for time. 

I love you, people!

Merry Christmas! 

All my love and stuff!

Sister Dibe Hall!

17 December 2013

Title of a post

This week was an adventure! We started this week with a creeper in our neighborhood. This creeper decided he likes Sister Missionaries. These Sister Missionaries decided that they don't like Creepers. So we barricaded our front door. And when I realized we can't barricade worth a darn, we stayed ready to exterminate him when he stopped by next. (See picture one) 
We then decided to let our leaders know, in case, you know, he murdered us and stuffed us in jars. So Our Zone leaders came over, he wouldn't come out and see them, hung up on them. Then things got funny. He hoped we'd stop by. We didn't. 
So he stopped by when we were there. We didn't answer the door. 
He called multiple times. We didn't answer. 
Finally he started listening for our car alarm when we locked and unlocked the car. We got wise and started locking it by hand instead of the key Faab. 
When we foiled his plan, he just left his front door open and windows open to hear the car start. So he came to talk to us, walked to my side of the car where I promptly broke up with him. (His name is Romeo, and I wanted to quote Romeo and Juliet to him. He's not smart though and wouldn't have gotten it) So I just told him we were through. And to leave us alone. 
I then plan to tell our Scott about him, Scott is a Navy man. He's also very protective of "his girls" (Us!) so if we tell him, he will probably enlist some men and set up a watch for us. Anyone who comes unannounced will leave with a broken face. That's okay, right??

For real, we're safe now. One look at that picture and all would-be robbers or creepers run for cover! 

Also, one of the recent converts we teach, she has a sword. It's heavy. I may not be able to build a barricade, but I could throw the sword at someone and confuse them enough to run away! I look pretty stroke-y there. Not sure why. My left eye gets tired I guess. Or is camera-shy. Who knows. Be it known to the world, contrary to that picture with me and the sword. I have NOT had a stroke. Thank you. 

We also had a moment where we were babysitting the Elder's bikes while they took the car to a meeting in Riverside. That's me next to the bike. I'm not ducking. The seat really does go past my belly button. I had to climb onto the table to get on the bike. I wouldn't be able to stop on it, unless I laid the bike down. While riding it. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that! Nothing... Right? (wrong!)

Lets see. I got sick this week. Puked a lot. Laid in bed. Was miserable. 

We taught lots of people picked up 10 new investigators this week! Broke up with 2. 
Ward Christmas party. Loved that. There was food and things. Who doesn't love that. 

Scott is gainfully employed so we don't get to teach him much anymore. Which we can live with, because we love Scott. But it's also sad. Because we love Scott. So we are hoping to go over on Sundays to help him make dinner for the guys on base. We're thinking we can pick up a few of the guys as investigators too. They've been chatty about the church so we're going to try.

We realized Christmas is next week. Nuts. 

We went and saw this lady in our ward. Sister Maughn. She is 900 years young. (Not true, she's 80 something, but with the wisdom of... someone really really wise...) She is unable to come to church a lot, so we go visit her every week. She has a really cute love story that she recorded on Sister Gowan's recording device. She told me that I was spiky. And that when I meet non members, she can see me grabbing ahold and not letting go, dragging them to the Gospel. People are not allowed agency around me. If I meet you, you will be happy. No choices. 

haha, sad. 

Honorable Mentions:
Sister Pack!
Sister Pyper!
THE SCHNEIDERS!!!! <3 o:p="">

My time is out. Love you peeps. 


The Short One

Honorable mentions this week:
MOM! Mumsie! Mommy! The Mother unit! The lady who gave birth to me! She wrote me a letter! 
Good times were had by all!

This week has been... adventurous. 

Monday was Pday. We moved. That was good. Our Home share, we learned she was talking crap about us to other people. Namely the Bishop. So we had to iron out some things there (apparently we flushed some Pumpkin pie down the toilet and stopped it up.... I eat my pumpkin pie! And the toilet was never not running while we were there. Just saying.. )
But we moved and that was good

Tuesday. oh Tuesday... It was a rough day. We crashed the car (dinged it, really with a scratch.) The Uhaul we hit had no damage. None. Tender mercies! But it caused a lot of issues later of broken pride and unwilling to make any mistakes later. So it was a rough week in our companionship. Sis Gowans was convinced her driving privileges would be revoked for the rest of her mission, which meant I would have to drive. I still drive 3" in from the steering wheel, so if we ever crashed, the airbag would knock my head into her lap. So in her mind, her little scratch ended with my death. You can see the drama that was involved. I wasn't dead yet.... 

Although we did go to see someone that day, an inactive member. We knocked on the door and asked if she lived there. They said no. Then the little girl, maybe 18 months old came running, and hugged my legs! The funny part, the Mom was in the background yelling something in Spanish. Our best guess is that she was yelling "NOOOOOOO!! NOT THE WHITE MIDGET!!!!!!" 

We laughed. 

Wednesday we went and tried to have lessons. None were had. 

Thursday we had to go to Riverside to report our car. Sister Gowans was really stressed. I tried to explain that Elder King was a former Sergeant over a fleet of company squad cars. That a scratch wasn't going to even phase him. Sure enough, when we got there, he was sorely disappointed, he thought that we had totaled the car and would be coming in looked mostly dead. He spit shined it and called it good. Good times. 

Sister Gowans went to see a Recent Convert and found out that the only reason she got baptized was for the girls. That was way hard to hear. She's been struggling all week from that. I know sorta what it must be like. When Renay only got baptized and backed out of the confirmation. That sucked a lot.  

Friday we did things... Tried to teach. 


I was really excited, and I'm so photogenic. That's Scott! He's like our other Dad. We get the Dad voice a lot. And Brother Stout is one of our favorite members of the ward!

Bro Johnson too! And I'm Really excited about this one!

Alright, just a normal picture

Scott this week was Baptized, Confirmed, Ordained a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood AND received a calling! He is a Family History Consultant in the ward!! It makes us happy. He's so happy! And he loves us! We're "his girls" on the base. haha. He wore the tie with our faces on Sunday. Everyone loved it. As they should! He's moving to Ohio in January, and he's saying he's going to call President and have him transfer us to Ohio. Yep. He likes us. I told him I wouldn't go there, I'd freeze to death. Hobbits don't do well in cold climates. 

Haha. All in all, a good ish week. This one will be so much better!! 
Any prayers in our behalf would be welcomed! We need them!

Love and Peace and things!


Sista Dibe Hall!! <3 nbsp="" o:p="">
Can you believe I've been in the field for 18 weeks?! Brilliant! I'm loving this! 

Honorable mentions:
BECCA! Got your card, loved it. 
Sister Larsen. I always love cards and pictures from you!
Sista Pyper! I just love you. 
And BROTHER UNIT! Best day ever!

This week has been a little nuts with Thanksgiving and all. We ate with a lovely family who fed us a lot of good things. Like Green bean casserole. (with ham. that was different) and pies. And Turkey and things. It was delightful. I was full for two days.

On Monday last week, we went and threw knives and things! Yeah,  Action shot!

Oh! Eammonn! I had a dream with you in it the other day!

I was sitting in a restaurant here in Moreno Valley and someone had a seizure so 911 was called. They typical PD, EMS and FD arrive, and then here comes Eammonn, flying a helicopter to the call! You got here, and then your partner (no idea who he was) passed out because of a heroin overdose. I took off my name tag and started kicking him for putting his partner in danger by being a junkie. See. Even out in CA on a mission, I've got your back! It was an exciting dream. But, if you ever decide to fly choppers, learn well.. In my dream... not so good. but you were having the time of your life not flying well. :-)

And, Ry (Paulus) I owe you an apology. Someone tricked me into having a taco with ketchup. It actually isn't disgusting. It's pretty stinking good. Therefore, I must repent for my unkind judging of what I thought was a disgusting meal. Well played, partner friend. It was pretty good!

 This is us on Thanksgiving, at the mall. We were looking into the movie theatre watching the people and the giant screen of previews they had. We look so awesome. That was a funny, funny adventure. 

Also, we got our investigator a neck tie with our faces on it. Yep. It's epic. We'll get a picture of it at his baptism, which is this Saturday.  We're pretty excited! We went and saw him on Friday, he put us to work (read as, we begged for something to do) and we made salad for 60 veterans. No fingers were lost in the making of the salad. No kitchens were burnt down. They invited us back. We're a big deal! haha, everyone there calls us "Scott's girls." We're famous. Or Infamous. I'm not really sure. But they're nice to us. 

This is our District. L to R. Sister Dibe, Sister Young, Sister Stoliker, Sister Dirks, Sister Boyd, Sister Gatrell, Sister Mathews, sister Gowans. Elder Bangerter, Elder McConkie. This is our bottom-toothed smiles! We're so attractive. It's a wonder we're not converting nations. This was our last District meeting before transfers.

In other news, we're moving today. We are just going down the street so I get to learn to budget again. That will be good times. We're excited. We can eat cereal for dinner if we want. And have bagels for breakfast. Good times.

If anyone has any extra watches, ones that can go with any outfit. or is just.. you know.. watch like? That they don't want. I would gladly take it off your hands. (HAHa, get it?!) because my watch finally died. To be fair, it lived a long life. 5 years. It survived shifts on the ambulance. It survived the first quarter of my mission. But now it's in the great clock tower in the sky... *Moment of silence*

Well. I suppose that's all this week!

Don't forget, this is my birthday month. And I request one hand written letter. It doesn't even have to be to me, YOU don't even have to write it. YOU just have to send it to me! hah ha! I'm funny. 

Love and Peace and things!

Sista Hall

The littlest missionary who could!