31 July 2010

Sweet Midgets.

After a midnight run for pita bread and banana peppers, I found that King Soopers knows me well! they even sell my kind on their shelves! word
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30 July 2010


This weeks goals:
• bike to work
• finish another chapter in my story
• yoga at least three times this week.
• go the extra mile at least once.
• journal at least three times.
• report back next Saturday.
Ready. Set. Go!
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29 July 2010

Eye statements

I often joke with people when I say "I used an "eye-statement", there needs to be resolution now!" because I statements were big n grade school, the way to end bullying. Being short as I was, and knowing the differences made you a target, I knew I would need to learn how to talk my way out of situations. And thus grew my ability to charm and sweet talk people to get enough consideration to get away. (Also I think it's what has helped me to connect with people in a way that allows me to be friends with pretty much everybody, differences or not.)

I also have always been a push-over. I don't enjoy confrontation, mostly because I just don't have time for the ridiculousness that is involved with confrontation. I've always been taught to be the bigger person (ironic seeing as my tallest height has been 4'10", that's right folks, I am legally a midget... ahem... "little person") and to just walk away from conflict. So that is what I did. Unless a punch was thrown. I was taught to never throw the first punch, but was taught to finish it.

Recently my life has been nothing but drama and I'm done with it. I avoid drama like nothing else. I avoid it well. That being said, today I was assertive, I used those fantastic eye statements and stood up. I will not be pushed around. And if that makes me the selfish bitch that I was called, then so be it. I'm okay with being selfish. I spent the last 21 years more concerned about everyone else than me, I can take some time to take care of me. To ensure that I am okay. And I refuse to feel guilty or bad about it. Nobody else is willing to be concerned about me, and I won't allow my happiness and future suffer because of it. I have my back, and there's nothing wrong with that. I feel better about myself when I stand up for myself. No more emotional or verbal abuse for no reason. No more drama.

In other news, there was a piece of yarn in my inhaler that I inhaled... now I can't stop coughing and it hurts to breathe. Can one get aspirated pneumonia from a fragment of yarn?

26 July 2010

Adventures of a lifetime

I thought perhaps a quick little update before I hit the sack.
I'm chilling at the station right now. All the fellas and our Batt Chief have gone to bed and all through the house, all you can hear is the tapping of my keyboards (except for the letter C, because that button fell off)

I have been fairly productive today, we ran a call. A 3 year old with Asthma whose grandmother made me feel stabby. Nit picky and micromanaging. I'm all for family riders if they can console and calm the patient, but don't try to do my job when you don't know how... Capeesh?

In other news, I have officially had my obligatory week-long relationship that everyone has at some point in their lives. I don't regret it, and it was a blast while it lasted. I won't bore you with the details, as there are so few. But things ended on amicable terms, I think we're still friends, I certainly hope we still are. Above dating, above being in a relationship, I value those friendships, ya know? And we'd been friends for a while, and whle that wasn't a strong enough foundation for anything more, it's a strong foundation to be friends. That's what matters.

Other recent adventures include:
4-wheeling, without injury!
Century Sunrise bike race (I was support staff)
Job change (to a partial 911 system that I've been going for for the last 3 interviews)
Caught up on laundry!
110 hours of work this last week (wow! crazy much?!)

Never a dull day. There are of course other drama's going on, but the less I dwell on them, the less they bother me.

On the injury front:
None to report! Woop woop! I do have a sore knee, but it's my bad knee and that's because I've worked so much recently. I need a massage, and a hot tub. That would be lovely!

05 July 2010

Hard at work

The boys and I are staying fit by playing Wii sports. Does that mean we can pass EVOC by playing Mario Kart? Good day so far, we've run one call, from the SNF literally across the parking lot from the hospital. Goodness gracious we're working hard.
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