02 March 2015

Learning is good!

I've learned some important things over the last few weeks! I thought I'd share:

• Judgment does not, in fact, have an 'e' between the g and the m!

• La Jolla, a city in Southern California, is not pronounced "la joll-uh". It is pronounced "la hoy-ya" 

• When you're doing a spy job, it is important to know how to say the name of the city you're in, or nobody takes you seriously (see above)

• Family comes in many shapes and sizes. And that's okay.

• On a scale of 0 - Mormon, I'm like a 3. Why? 
Those are supposed to be cookies. They're more like hockey pucks. Also there was that time I reverse engineered a cake, defying the laws of physics. Or the time I almost burnt down a fire station grilling chicken. Also, I can't quilt. Awkward.

• "Enduring it well" does not mean you have to be okay. It doesn't mean you don't feel pain or sorrow or fear. It just means you realize that you will eventually get through those feelings! (So don't get discouraged because you're not "enduring" well!)

• Heart attacks (the kind where one attacks you with hearts, not the kind where cardiac tissue does!) are never a bad choice. And I couldn't be more grateful.