18 July 2012


I wont spend too much time here, because there is a teenage girl who is shooting daggers at me, silently demanding use of the internet. Fortunately, the language barrier prevents a polite asking.

I managed to lose my passport this morning, well, sometime between Saturday and today. So. I am now in a hostel in Cancun, near Kilometer 0. I am not dead. Or kidnapped. Both bonuses. I am however, going to lose about 80 lbs in water weight. Or gain 80 lbs in water weight. Whew. Sweating bullets without AC, and drinking bottled water by the gallon. As soon as Im home, I will retell the adventure of today, but suffice it to say, it HAS been an adventure.

Mexico has been an adventure.
I got to witness the most beautiful sister get married to the best man out there.
I got to travel and room with Katie, who is one of my favorite people. Ever.
I held a monkey. While that could be considered a euphamism. It isnt. I held a primate. It was cute.
I went to a Vegas style night club where we danced on the bar for 2 hours.
We snorkeled.
We ate food.
We did things, we saw stuff.
I lost a passport.
We ordered room service!
Some drunk, toothless meth head tried to kiss me.
My spanish has improved. Marginally. Mostly my pronunciations have improved.
I left the world of drama and troubles behind and enjoyed sand and beaches and good times and great company.
I managed to stop the resort from kicking the wedding party out before the wedding after some illegal dolphin time.
We saw lots of live critters. Geckos. Lizards. Fish, turtles, crabs (the antibiotic clearing kind and otherwise)
We rode public transportation
We bartered in the flea market
We danced
We met the fire department and an ambulance crew. That was stinking awesome.
Life is good.
God is great, Beer is Good, People are crazy. Amen.

Alright, I could get shanked, time to go explore downtown cancun at night!

Hopefully tomorrow Homeland Security will decide that I am not a threat to national security and let me back in the country. If not... I can dig staying here longer.