22 April 2016

Tender Mercies of family

Can you imagine going through triad alone? Without the support of your family or friends? So can I, and it sucks.

The second best and most incredible blessing (is the gospel according to Dibe) is the family. The first being the gift of Jesus' sacrifice for all mankind. 

In the Plan of Salvation, we learn that we are literal spirit children of God. He is our Father. We are a part of HIS eternal family. Bound to Him, not because of Faith or Choice. We are His because He created us. Like earthly parents create our bodies, Our Father created the REAL us: our Spirits. (Like CS Lewis used to say, you do not have a soul. You ARE a soul, you have a body)

What our parents created is beautiful. Bodies that give us an opportunity to learn and to grow. A chance to live on earth and love, and hurt. 
But what they created is temporary. Our time here on Earth is temporary. (That's why we put "Just passing Through" on my fathers head stone)

What our Father in Heaven created doesn't end. Who we are isn't what we look like, it isn't gluten intolerances, our bad lungs, injured spines, feeding tubes, wheelchairs or depressions. Who we are boils down past our bodies, to the Spirit that God created. 

But I digress. Families. In order to live with God again, we must make covenants or promises that bind us to our Earthly families. How genuinely merciful is that?! 

The Lord could have intended is to be here on Earth and to fight through our afflictions and to celebrate our triumphs alone. After all, how many species leave their mothers minutes, days after their birth and never think of them, never see them again? Yet He allows us to not only have support through mortality, He lets us have those people forever!

I think, next to the Atonement, that eternal sacrifice, families are the greatest evidence of His mercy and love for us. 

Not everyone though has a good family. Drugs. Alcohol, pornography, adultery, and a myriad of other things can tear families apart. Greed, pride, depressions. And yet in His infinite kindness, He promises us a way. He places people in our path to bless us and uplift us and He reminds us that we are part of His eternal family. 

I'm so grateful for eternal families! 

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